Bar Crawl Babes

They offer fully planned uk barcrawls for stag groups, christmas parties, birthdays and corporate events, led by gorgeous, bubbly costumed beermaids who look after the kitty, get the beers in, keep the group together, dish out drinking challenges, forfeits and prizes. we'll get the stag in a ridiculous costume, too, if wanted!

As best man/party organiser, you get to sit back and enjoy the girls running the show, then reap all the credit for an awesome night.

Our stagdo barcrawls include up to 6 fun pubs and typically end in a nightclub. we can include a stripclub if desired. we also provide waitresses for private events.

The girls take photos all night (if authorised by bestman) and these are sent to you after the event.

Ask about costume options- our fancy dress box is pretty impressive and we can cater to pretty much any stag do fancy dress theme.

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Please inform the Bristol Stag and Hen booking team that your group would like to add this venue option (Quote: Bar Crawl Babes) to your package when making your stag or hen group booking.

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